Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parkd?

Parkd is a peer to peer parking app! We allow users to rent out spots in their driveway or parking lots to others!

How much money can I make from hosting?

Currently, we allow users to choose and set a price themselves for renting out their driveway. We do recommend the lowest price possible, to be competitive with other local listings for parking! Many people go with $2-3 an hour, although based on how heavy traffic is in your location charging more in some cases may be a winning strategy!

Do I need a Venmo account to use Parkd?

In order for users to pay and be paid securely, we have users download the Venmo payment app to their phones, rather than give away their sensitive banking information! This allows for a more seamless user experience, with little to no wait time between parking and payment processing!

How does Parkd make money?

Short answer, we don’t! We’re more interested in providing a free platform for peer to peer usage. We appreciate quality user feedback more than making a profit!

Can I invest in Parkd?

Parkd is a privately held entity, and we’re currently not actively searching for investment. However, we’re always available to be contacted about large scale investment inquiries at

Is Parkd an environmentally conscious company?

We certainly are! For every car in the United States, there’s an estimated 3-8 parking spaces! Building more paved parking areas reduces the green space that allows plants and trees to thrive, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air. One of the missions of Parkd is to maximize the use of existing parking spaces in order to minimize the use of land to build new ones!

Does Parkd sell any of my Data?

No! We don’t track the user information of any of our site visitors or users.

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